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General Development Recently, a new browser war has erupted all over the internet, with various browsers making massive improvements in each release to trumpet those made by others. While Firefox certainly ignited this new browser war, Chrome is the one who started the JavaScript war. The first release of Google's web browser came with a brand new JavaScript engine that was a lot faster than those of its competitors, forcing them to improve their JavaScript performance as well. This whole JS thing has gotten to the heads of the folks at Google, and they've created a site for experiments which show off the power of JS.
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RE[6]: High CPU
by andrewg on Sun 22nd Mar 2009 14:56 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: High CPU"
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I'm pretty sure Mono guys are working hard to bring Silverlight 2 to the (Linux) masses. Currently they've finished Silverlight 1, and it looks good.

That's nice, but the problem with Moonlight is that it is always going to be behind silverlight. In fact I see it getting worse and worse just as Mono falls further and further behind .Net. At least with Mono the primary purpose is a nice development environment for Linux/Unix with the bonus of being able to run on Windows and MacOS (I know MacOs is Unix underneath). Moonlight has no such benefit it needs to keep up to date with Silverluight or it is severly compromised.

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