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Gnome The GNOME team has released GNOME 2.26, the latest release in the 2.x release branch. As everyone knows, GNOME is a multi-platform open source desktop environment. The 2.26 release continues GNOME's policy of incremental updates to a stable base, and as such, it comes packed with a boatload of new features.
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RE[5]: Great Release!
by segedunum on Sun 22nd Mar 2009 23:13 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Great Release!"
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And the same is being said, by those same Windows and OS X users, about KDE. In fact, it's usually generalized to "Linux."

Yep it is, but, KDE has the features that Windows and OS X users will be familiar with and the programming platform to be a fair bit more compelling to developers who will create the functionality that will make users use a Linux desktop.

I know you have an axe to grind with GNOME for some odd reason....

Because it's just plain inferior, that's why. No more, no less. If it wasn't we wouldn't keep getting this.

I'm not the one trying to give the strange impression that we're stuck with Gnome in the open source desktop world because of the number of distros it is the 'default' desktop on because I know I can't talk about features, developer tools, functionality or applications or anything that actually matters to people ;-).

Oh, and by the way, rotating cubes and spinning plasmoids are usually secondary in their minds to getting their work done.

It's an untrue myth I'm afraid. That's what CDE thought when Windows 95 and Mac OS moved on in the visual department, and look where that got it. Graphical and visual improvements also have spin-off benefits such as resolution independence.

When users or a group of decision makers see Windows Vista or 7 and OS X when compared with a distro running Gnome as the default alongside it they're just going to laugh - and that's just a visual inspection.

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