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Hardware, Embedded Systems Go on, go around these gadget sites and read all that talk about netbooks and what not. Acer Aspire One this, MSI that, Dell Mini 9 this, Asus that. It feels like the second coming of laptops in this netbook revolution. But truth is, even back in 1999 you could find super-lightweight laptops in the market (for the right price). This 2005-released IBM Thinkpad X41 laptop that sent us, a well-known shop for computer parts, is one of the best Linux-compatible laptops you can buy today for cheap.
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RE[2]: Upgradability
by lproven on Mon 23rd Mar 2009 13:24 UTC in reply to "RE: Upgradability"
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Thanks for the very prompt response & info!

I was talking with another UK IT journo at a VMware press event last year and we were comparing Thinkpads - his X41 to my X31. He commented that we would have preferred mine, partly for the ability to fit a bigger, faster hard disk. The X31 is a tiny bit bigger & thicker, but it's marginal.

And my modem works in Linux. Or at least, Linux says it's there & working - I've never tried it!

Here's hoping I get working hibernation in 9.04, then I can abandon XP on it. :¬)

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