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Gnome Git has increasingly become the standard distributed source code management tool for free and open source software projects with the likes of Xorg, Samba, WINE, Perl and Ruby on Rails using it already. GNOME has now joined the Git bandwagon. A survey among GNOME contributors showed Git to be by far the most popular choice. Developers Behdad Esfahbod, Kristian Høgsberg, Owen Taylor, and Federico MenaQuintero and a number of volunteers formed a team and have helped migrate all the GNOME projects to Git. They have published the details of the migration.
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RE[2]: totally makes sense
by Beta on Mon 23rd Mar 2009 13:43 UTC in reply to "RE: totally makes sense"
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...or bzr. I have to make some benchmarks. I know it was veeeeery slow compared with mercurial or git (especially the later)... but who knows who the "fight" is going these days.

Frack bzr, what projects use it that haven’t been forced to when moving to launchpad?
Unless Canonical see that git has become the defacto dvcs for projects, we’re going to have a them and us approach to Linux development.

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