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Hardware, Embedded Systems Go on, go around these gadget sites and read all that talk about netbooks and what not. Acer Aspire One this, MSI that, Dell Mini 9 this, Asus that. It feels like the second coming of laptops in this netbook revolution. But truth is, even back in 1999 you could find super-lightweight laptops in the market (for the right price). This 2005-released IBM Thinkpad X41 laptop that sent us, a well-known shop for computer parts, is one of the best Linux-compatible laptops you can buy today for cheap.
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I'm not sure if you know what LTS stands for. It stands for "Long Term Support". It has nothing to do with stability, software choices for an LTS release are as aggressive as usual, because it is easier to follow them up with updates than use older versions and try to communicate with upstream on an upgrade strategy.

which not only inherently make LTS release more stable over time, but also, since they've to support them longer, companies are using those, etc, they're trying to have something more stable here from the beginning.

so again trolling on words and missing the point

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