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Google Rumour after rumour and story after story talk of Google wanting a piece of the netbook pie, the only pie in the computer hardware business that still tastes any good. They are supposed to bring Android, the phone operating system based on Linux and a modified version of Java, to netbooks in order to compete with Windows. Analysts are torn about whether or not Android would have a chance.
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RE[2]: What?
by vivainio on Mon 23rd Mar 2009 20:13 UTC in reply to "RE: What?"
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are you informed at all about windows embeded standard? ;) ( )

it has every feature XP pro has and more if you want (or less depending on how you customize it). beats Windows home edition currently on mosy of these things. "the more you know" (music playing)

It's also double the price of XP (I think the price msft was dumping XP for netbooks was around $40).

And I doubt people will want "Windows Embedded Standard", they just want "normal windows xp".

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