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Legal We always try to avoid politics like the plague here on OSNews, but sometimes, it's hard to avoid it. Take the case of Joel Tenenbaum, who could be liable for over 1 million USD if the Recording Industry Association of America gets its way. While many hoped for a change of pace when it comes to these matters, Barack Obama's Department of Justice has squarely sided with the RIAA.
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RE: US two-party "democracy"
by magineer on Tue 24th Mar 2009 12:54 UTC in reply to "US two-party "democracy""
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You actually have zero understanding of the US government and political structure. For one thing, both parties have been converging towards socialism for the last 15 years.

I hear a lot of ignorance spouted off these days regarding the way the US should work or does work from people who do not even live here and/or do not have any concept of how a democratic republic should work. Of course there's corruption. There's corruption in every form of government, from top to bottom, in every case.

However, I think you'll find (if you take the time to read) that the US government's structure has the most checks and balances built in to do ultimately what is in the best interest of the people. You won't find that happens in communism or socialism, and you won't see it in one or two terms of a US President's administration. You have to take the long view to see it.

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