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Apple We all know the stories of old computers or old operating systems still dutifully performing their tedious little tasks - the examples of electronic billboards running Windows 98, or ATMs running os/2 are abundant. A recent example that has been making its rounds across the internet is testament to the sturdiness of the Mac Classic IIs.
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by MissinBeOS on Tue 24th Mar 2009 13:48 UTC in reply to "Comment by saroly"
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The heck is this??? Was that some kind of lame attempt at spam, or am I just being obtuse?

Back on topic ... one of the oldest machines I remember seeing & using in a work environment was this behemoth of a "mini" (HP of some kind, if I recall) that ran FORTRAN to do gas chromatographic analysis. The thing was hooked up to a ginormous hard disk drive the size of a small washing machine ... might've been a Western Digital. You had to go through a very elaborate startup sequence to get the hard drive spooled up to operating speed.

Compared to the IBM370 mainframe that you communicated with via DECWriter teletype terminals or (WOW!!!) black & white Perkin Elmer all-in-one terminals that communicated via acoustic modem (phone handset nestled into rubber holders ;) ) ... can't remember the speed, but it didn't download characters much faster than I could type ... might've been less than 300 baud at the time ...

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