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Apple We all know the stories of old computers or old operating systems still dutifully performing their tedious little tasks - the examples of electronic billboards running Windows 98, or ATMs running os/2 are abundant. A recent example that has been making its rounds across the internet is testament to the sturdiness of the Mac Classic IIs.
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in 91 I had an LC
by GCrain on Tue 24th Mar 2009 14:07 UTC
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I still have my LC w/68020 that I paid close to $2000 in the end of 1991 (cpu, keyboard, inkjet and 12" monitor). I was a student and between the time I ordered it and received it, the LC II was announced. I was bummed. My LC had 4Mb memory (now at the max 10Mb), and 80Meg HD. For as much money it was, it was a dog. I'm still trying to get my moneys worth out of it :-)

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