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Legal We always try to avoid politics like the plague here on OSNews, but sometimes, it's hard to avoid it. Take the case of Joel Tenenbaum, who could be liable for over 1 million USD if the Recording Industry Association of America gets its way. While many hoped for a change of pace when it comes to these matters, Barack Obama's Department of Justice has squarely sided with the RIAA.
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Those of you saying that this proves that Obama is just another Bush are displaying your ignorance. There are issues on which the Obama DOJ has changed policy from that of Bush. For example, the Obama DOJ has ceased enforcing federal anti-marajuana laws against patients that use marajuana for medical purposes in states that allow for that. This is a change from Bush. But see, patients that use medical marajuana have a valid and moral need to do so. Pirates have no need to pirate, so why should the DOJ interfere with the law as its written (especially when the defendent passed up the chance at settlement)?

Oh Puh-lease! You must be kidding. This is why I find myself so disillusioned by politics. People just want to support whatever "side" they are on and they'll argue the most ridiculous things EVER to justify who they voted for.

Are you really going to tell me that someone who downloaded 7 songs should have to pay THREE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS? Do you have any idea how much money that is to most people in the world? This whole attitude of "he should have just paid it and saved the trouble" is the ENTIRE point that the law students representing him are trying to make. The RIAA is being granted the right to levy these ridiculous fines against people who are then forced to pay them because defending themselves against the RIAA's army of lawyers and lobbyists is an impossibility. They are essentially acting outside the system of justice and being granted ridiculous amounts of power and like Thom said, thats a scary freakin' prospect.

Now, as for this whole Marijuana kick you decided to bring in out of nowhere, it just makes me laugh even more. Medical marijuana is a joke and if you've been to LA you know you can get all the 'legal' weed you want by saying you have insomnia or arthritis or back pain or any freakin' load of bull you want. There are in my opinion NO valid moral reasons to use Marijuana, but certainly if there are any, there are not even a tenth as many people who need it in the whole country as there are currently getting prescriptions to buy it in California. Any action to move away from enforcing the laws on these jokes of 'medical' marijuana clinics who are nothing more than smart drug dealers is a move to legalize weed altogether, and it should be interpreted and judged as nothing less.

So listen buddy, go smoke your ganja and pop in your favorite Bob Marley CD you paid twenty bucks for, and keep telling yourself that Obama, or any politician, is the answer to your problems.

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