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Legal We always try to avoid politics like the plague here on OSNews, but sometimes, it's hard to avoid it. Take the case of Joel Tenenbaum, who could be liable for over 1 million USD if the Recording Industry Association of America gets its way. While many hoped for a change of pace when it comes to these matters, Barack Obama's Department of Justice has squarely sided with the RIAA.
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Would you elaborate on your view of the differences? At the moment I see it as the two having essentially the same end-game goals but different opinions of how to achieve them--essentially, a disagreement on whether society should be forcibly reinvented, or changed incrementally through the existing legal system.

Socialism strives to create a certain amount of equality, social justice, and solidarity. It has little to nothing to do with the key point of communism, which is the common ownership of the means of production and property in general. Socialism means nothing of the sort.

Perhaps that there is something in human nature which makes it impossible, in the same way that perfect peace is impossible?

Obviously. Communism is not in our nature.

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