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Legal We always try to avoid politics like the plague here on OSNews, but sometimes, it's hard to avoid it. Take the case of Joel Tenenbaum, who could be liable for over 1 million USD if the Recording Industry Association of America gets its way. While many hoped for a change of pace when it comes to these matters, Barack Obama's Department of Justice has squarely sided with the RIAA.
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Me personally, I don't care for the shit.

Same here. Never even smoked or touched a cigarette, let alone a joint. Well, I did touch a joint a few times but that was just to pass it on to whoever was sitting next to me ;) .

I hate the shit, but I see no problem in a decent legal system around it. We in The Netherlands are almost there, with possession of the stuff being "allowed" (not legal) in small quantities. However, growing and distributing is illegal, leading to this retarded situation where coffee shops are allowed to sell it, but not produce it or have it shipped to them.

The ultimate goal, in my book, is to make it a state affair, so we can tax it, as well keep an eye on the quality of the drug, and try to lower the amount of THC (which is rising like crazy, which is dangerous).

The government would control the growing and distributing of the stuff, coffee shop owners would still be the ones to sell it. any other individual growing or distributing the stuff gets harsh punishment.

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