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Internet Explorer Recently, Microsoft released Internet Explorer 8, which boasted much better standards compliance than previous iterations of the browser. While it passed the Acid2 test, IE8 failed miserably in the Acid3 test, and many people criticised Microsoft for it. Microsoft Australia's Nick Hodge has stated that Microsoft purposefully decided not to support Acid3, because the test tests against draft standards.
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RE[2]: He should be...
by Laurence on Wed 25th Mar 2009 09:56 UTC in reply to "RE: He should be..."
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Sure. And then, face the flak that they will receive for sure when applications and pages that were made targeting those drafted standards break as a result of the changes. Because it's Microsoft we're talking about, and you know, no matter how they play it, they cannot win.

So they choose not to play at all?

Sorry, but that's a weak excuse for not keeping technology up-to-date.

sure, I can understand with not keeping various bleeding edge standards out of the build, but items like SVG aren't bleeding edge and are a recognised standard. Not building SVG support is just lazy and bad form.

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