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Internet Explorer Recently, Microsoft released Internet Explorer 8, which boasted much better standards compliance than previous iterations of the browser. While it passed the Acid2 test, IE8 failed miserably in the Acid3 test, and many people criticised Microsoft for it. Microsoft Australia's Nick Hodge has stated that Microsoft purposefully decided not to support Acid3, because the test tests against draft standards.
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RE: Fair enough
by gustl on Wed 25th Mar 2009 14:39 UTC in reply to "Fair enough"
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Acid 3 is about bringing movies, animations and the likes to the net in a standardized manner.

As Microsoft's Silverlight tries to cannibalize the market again in a "Microsoft only" way, it is not entirely believeable that "not wanting to create a Microsoft variant again" is the true motive.

Microsoft should have done to the standards in question for ACID3, what OpenOffice and KOffice did for ODF: Implement not-yet finished proposed standards, giving feedback to the standardization organization, so they can improve the standard as it is implemented, which again can benefit the implementers.

In one two words: Working together.

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