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GNU, GPL, Open Source Eric S. Raymond is one of the three big figures in open source, together with Linus Torvalds and Richard Stallman. During a talk for the Long Island Linux User Group, he made some interesting statements about the GPL, namely that the GPL is no longer needed due to the way the open source movement works.
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They're Still Needed...
by heron on Wed 25th Mar 2009 15:59 UTC
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Unless it's legally prevented by the license, it's allowed.

By leaving things to the market, you're creating a mess of lawsuits. It's better to codify the reciprocal nature of open source and free software into the license itself rather than to drop those terms in the hopes that business will be more receptive to non-reciprocal license.

Some companies are more receptive to this precisely because they can play the games that Microsoft and others are currently playing. We are not to the point yet where we can afford to lean back and relax what we're doing. We must keep the GPL, LGPL and licenses like it.


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