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Linux Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst questioned the relevance of Linux on the desktop, citing several financial and interoperability hurdles to business adoption at a panel on end-users and Linux last night at the OSBC.
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RE[2]: Little Misleading here
by christianhgross on Wed 25th Mar 2009 20:32 UTC in reply to "RE: Little Misleading here"
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I completely agree with this cloud computing thing.

In the future I actually think we will be doing things quite a bit more segregated.

Look at Slashdot and what happened to wikileaks. This type of behavior is not going down. I know from working in a fund we are completely concerned who owns the servers and where they are physically. And now way in h**l will those servers be located in certain jurisdictions... Too much risk.

It is not that we are doing anything illegal, more like we don't want problems from prying eyes... And these days governments like to pry for no apparent reason other than they want to...

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