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Microsoft As early as May 1995, three months before Netscape initial public offering sparked the dot-com boom, Microsoft executives were worried that the nascent WWW could one day become a significant threat to the Windows franchise. Another memo is also making the rounds. This internal memo, written in 2005, argues that Google threatens Microsoft and the company's crown jewel, Windows.
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go Google!
by 2501 on Fri 23rd Sep 2005 20:48 UTC
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Now Microsoft is concerned about its rivals. I am glad to know that Google is taking a different approach in how to run and offer new apps to its customers. Can you imagine tu have a computer with no OS. It seems that we heading to that direction.

Go to and try their Office verison on-line. That is the future.

And for artist...just get the Apple.

If you want to fly free....get Linux.

I can not wait for Microsoft to sink.


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