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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless BSQUARE is reportedly porting Adobe's Flash to Android on behalf of "a global Tier 1 carrier." It's still unknown whether or not Flash on Android will be restricted to only those contracted under this global carrier's service, but it's an advancement in the field nevertheless. Details at this point are few and far between, but it's assumed that Google and Adobe condone this action or else BSQUARE wouldn't go waving it about; BSQUARE also has "built an Android competency" not to mention that they purchased NEC's Adobe Flash Technology Consulting and Distribution Business back in December, so they seem to have the skill to do the job well.
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by WereCatf on Thu 26th Mar 2009 13:25 UTC in reply to "Comment by kaiwai"
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I would sooner have Flash than the old system of having three different media players installed just to have a smooth internet experience. The only problem that I see with Flash isn't the technology but Adobe's anti-opensource rhetoric via their refusal to fully open all the specifications around Flash and support non-Adobe implementations through a 'summer of code' grant scheme.

Yeah, I remember when you were quite literally forced to install Realplayer and Media Player and Quicktime and what not if you wanted to fully enjoy the web and video-related websites. Compared to that Flash is a step forward.

On the other hand though, it would be awesome if Adobe did start supporting f.ex. Gnash. I just installed OpenSuSE on my old iMac G5 and while Gnash plays some of the flash content well it usually fails in more complex things. Good thing though that Gnash does work at all, without it I would be left completely without Flash :o

Edit: How f*cking pathetic, less than a couple of minutes and some pathetic parasite marks down my post; anyone surprised? I'm not. Really tells me alot about the low life scum who hang out here.

I honestly don't like you either ;) You have such an arrogant tone in almost all of your posts and you have the habit of trying to incite flame wars instead of avoiding such. But still, to be fair, what you said was correct so I modded you back up ;)

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