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Hardware, Embedded Systems Techradar had a day touring Samsung's European forum and had the chance to interview Samsung's Head of Worldwide Sales and Marketing, Kyu Uhm. During the session, Uhm mentioned that future Samsung netbooks will undoubtedly include Windows 7, but having a full version as opposed to the sorry Starter Edition was iffy. It was also mentioned that future Samsung netbooks installed with a Linux distribution was a slight possibility if enough customers truly wanted it.
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RE: Linux? Finally.
by Rehdon on Thu 26th Mar 2009 14:03 UTC in reply to "Linux? Finally."
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You're telling me ... I had to order an Aspire One with Windows because the Linux version wasn't yet available. Of course the consequence will be that some smartass will conclude "See? Few versions sell with Linux, if any! Let's go Windows only!!!".

Looking on the bright side, I stopped paying the MS tax on all my desktop boxes, at least that ...


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