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Internet Explorer Recently, Microsoft released Internet Explorer 8, which boasted much better standards compliance than previous iterations of the browser. While it passed the Acid2 test, IE8 failed miserably in the Acid3 test, and many people criticised Microsoft for it. Microsoft Australia's Nick Hodge has stated that Microsoft purposefully decided not to support Acid3, because the test tests against draft standards.
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RE[4]: Poor excuse!
by Jack Matier on Thu 26th Mar 2009 18:37 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Poor excuse!"
Jack Matier
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Have you ever wondered why these standards are still just in 'recommended' or 'draft' standard? Because no one out in the real world of web development cares about least not the ones mentioned over and over in this thread.

The ones mentioned like PNG, SVG 1.2 (or 1.1/1.0)?

I haven't met anyone "in the real world" who isn't about standards for a while, about 3 years. Maybe I'm not in the same environment as you.

"In the real world" standards save time, and because time is money it saves money too. It means with the exception of IE, I can trust that my site will work (with about 99% certainty) on the next iteration of their browser engine. And here's a kicker, I charge extra on a monthly fee for testing when new browser versions come out. It's about keeping the site updated.

"In the real world" it's really important that browsers implement these standards correctly and keep up to date with new ones to push the web forward, not their own agenda.

One thing I don't see mentioned as a reason for implementing drafts of standards with specific tags is so developers can start testing them before using them on live sites. As more developers test the more likely a glitch will happen. The more likely a glitch is found before real world implementation of the spec, the less likely it will hinder the web.

It's like a beta period before implementing the real thing.

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