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In the News A week ago, we reported that IBM was in acquisition talks with Sun. Sun has been in trouble for a while now, and has been shopping around the Valley for a potential buyers for the company. This report came from "people familiar with the matter", but it seems that we now have a confirmation from none other than Intel's CEO, Paul Otellini.
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RE[2]: What about Java?
by NexusCrawler on Thu 26th Mar 2009 18:52 UTC in reply to "RE: What about Java?"
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That's probably because Sun never found a way to make money off the back of Java, and for a company that wanted people to stay on Solaris and SPARC I never understood why they thought the Write Once Run Anywhere philosophy would be good for them there.

Well, I agree that Java and Solars/SPARC don't have much to do at first sight.

However I'd guess that actually, what "Sun's plan" were to make Java popular so that everybody would want to set up a Java application server, and then people would buy these servers preferably from Sun, since Sun would be the absolute reference for Java stuff.

Introducing a web technology makes sense for a company selling servers. Remember all the hype that Sun tried to make around Java applets at first? It looks like that was the original goal of Sun.

So, from some point of view, it may have been some valid strategy for Sun at that time.

Even if now we see that it failed: from what I see Java applications are quite common but still it's very rare to find embedded Java applets in web pages...

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