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Mac OS X The omnipresent "people familiar with the matter" have told AppleInsider that Apple's upcoming Snow Leopard operating system will have more to show for itself than "just" under-the-hood changes and improvements. Apparently, Apple is preparing an updated theme for Snow Leopard, to replace the Aqua one.
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RE: About time...
by mightshade on Thu 26th Mar 2009 23:43 UTC in reply to "About time..."
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...I have always disliked Aqua. I hope they drop the dull grey interface

I kind of agree. The Aqua theme of the old OSX and the betas was way too flashy and distracting for my taste, just to be replaced by way too dull and grey for my taste. Tiger roughly was an acceptable middle ground. If it's true that they'll change the scrollbars for the grey ones known from iTunes, I wonder why we bothered with colour monitors at all. But oh well, in Steveiet Russia, theme chooses you. ;)

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