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Amiga & AROS Despite the recent emergence of several new ways to actually run AmigaOS 4.0, the supply of machines is still extremely small, and not very future proof. As such, one of the most recurring questions within the Amiga community is why don't they port the darn thing to x86?
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by Snake007uk on Fri 27th Mar 2009 17:01 UTC
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I appreciate the need for different OS's (competition etc...)

What does AmigaOS do that Linux/Windows/OSX/BSD/(add others here..) can't do?

Maybe its not a functionality thing, but I would like to know what it is? I my self have a vista desktop, OSX latop (leopard), Linux desktop.

I use mainly my OSX machine, because I use it at work. Windows Machine at home is maily there for windows stuff, like gaming, Linux because I prefer it as a developing platform (Python).

I still dont see the thrill of Amiga or Acorn, apart from that they run on very small amounts of memory to be honest this isnt a big deal anymore most machines have gigs of memory.

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