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Windows In a move that shouldn't surprise anyone, Microsoft has finally started to run an ad that's a direct attack against Apple. Previous marketing campaigns by Microsoft have always more or less ignored Apple, but the company's latest commercial is a direct attack on Apple in a place where it should hurt Apple the most: price.
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It Surprised Me!
by SterlingNorth on Fri 27th Mar 2009 20:19 UTC
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Actually, this surprises me very much. Microsoft generally has the marketing sense of a dead carp.

I disagree with you on people being confused by "cool" for "rich". Frankly, having and showing off expensive things has always been the way to show off your higher status -- your coolness. This goes beyond the Macphile talking about Apple's "premium" brand. Abercrombie and Fitch is based on convincing teens and twentysomethings they're better than their peers because they wear $200 jeans. Starbucks convinced people that their $4.00 coffee pays not only for the drink but the atmosphere. I remember kids in high school fighting each other over the cool $200 sneakers. There is very much in this world that confer status because of its cost. Designer clothes and accessories. Mercedes Benz automobiles.

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