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Linux Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst questioned the relevance of Linux on the desktop, citing several financial and interoperability hurdles to business adoption at a panel on end-users and Linux last night at the OSBC.
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... and enterprise servers. So Red Hat - altho it releases a Linux distribution - actually has no bloody idea about the desktop. It's not their business, and they don't give a damn about it. So why does Red Hat mention the desktop at all? Well, some years back Sun claimed the desktop was all dead and all there was was the network as the computer. Well, the network is there, but traditional computers have not vanished. They have become smaller (laptops, netbooks etc.), but they're still there. And they will stay. People don't just give their personal data to some "net". Why should they trust this "net"?

Just because someone with no interest in the desktop claims it's actually dead or surpassed [by what?] does not mean anything. It's as relevant as Sun's statement - and that has vanished into nirvana.

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