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Windows In a move that shouldn't surprise anyone, Microsoft has finally started to run an ad that's a direct attack against Apple. Previous marketing campaigns by Microsoft have always more or less ignored Apple, but the company's latest commercial is a direct attack on Apple in a place where it should hurt Apple the most: price.
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Comment by FealDorf
by FealDorf on Fri 27th Mar 2009 22:40 UTC
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Different people different choices... That's as far as I can say pro-Mac. I have a Mac Mini at home for over an year; now it runs Win7. The only apple device I appreciate is an iPod. Apple packs a lot of stuff with iLife; but the only one I use in them is iTunes with a dash of iPhoto. I ran into issues trying to get Leopard share a folder containing some C++ code with my laptop over my wifi network but instead ran into messy priviledges issues where XCode couldn't read the files. Recently it corrupted my external hard disk thanks to a bad(?) installation of ntfs-3g -- lez not talk about that now.

If you want me to be honest about mac, "everything just works" is true until something DOES break down. If anything does; hell breaks loose. On windows things might break down a lot more often, but they are not dreadful to fix.

The girl in the ad wanted a 17" laptop within $1000 budget, period. I guess all she wanted was something to watch movies on. Not audio editing, no photoshopping and no crysis. Apple doesn't offer one -- so stop whining...

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