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Windows In a move that shouldn't surprise anyone, Microsoft has finally started to run an ad that's a direct attack against Apple. Previous marketing campaigns by Microsoft have always more or less ignored Apple, but the company's latest commercial is a direct attack on Apple in a place where it should hurt Apple the most: price.
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by exigentsky on Sat 28th Mar 2009 00:13 UTC
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At 0:13, a bald guy is walking by and as she exits the store, the same guy advanced just a few more steps. I guess this shows how much time she spent examining her alternatives... one second. Of course, this is little surprise since she referred to the Apple Store as a Mac Store. This commercial is really sloppy.

Moreover, few people claim that Macs are cheaper than most other PCs. The claim is that they provide a more pleasant and productive user experience with fewer headaches and better support when problems do occur. While the hardware may be sexier and of higher quality, the real key is the software. Still, the price issue is exaggerated. For a COMPARABLE PC, it is never necessary to "double [the] budget" as is claimed in the commercial. The price difference is modest or at least reasonable unless Apple's offerings are close to a refresh.

BTW: What is it with this silly notion of "Mac person" or "PC person?" Are people so pathetic that they define themselves by the type of computer they have? Instead of listing personal qualities, materialistic elements are the first to come to mind. Personally, I'm a PS3 person. Oh, maybe it's better if I say I'm a Ritz cracker person. Then, again, I might be a Nike person. It's all so absurd and I hate that this commercial reinforces this notion (not that Apple isn't even more guilty of this).

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