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Internet Explorer Recently, Microsoft released Internet Explorer 8, which boasted much better standards compliance than previous iterations of the browser. While it passed the Acid2 test, IE8 failed miserably in the Acid3 test, and many people criticised Microsoft for it. Microsoft Australia's Nick Hodge has stated that Microsoft purposefully decided not to support Acid3, because the test tests against draft standards.
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by DouglasH on Sat 28th Mar 2009 03:31 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: He should be..."
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I can see the gist of what is being said. But I will quote from the guy that wrote Acid 3 and the status of the current specs.

"If one were to try to write such a test suite for HTML4 and DOM2 HTML, one would find that there isn’t even one browser that fully implements those specifications, let alone two. We want to have such a high bar with HTML5 to avoid falling into the trap of saying “ok the specification is done” before we can actually prove that it is possible to implement HTML5 as written. There are things in HTML4 and DOM2 HTML that simply will never be implemented as written by browsers, for example, because implementing the feature as written would mean not rendering existing Web pages as the authors expected. If we find such problems in HTML5, we’ll change the specification — but to find such problems, we have to write big test suites and that’s going to take a long time. That’s what the last 10 years of the timetable are about."

so if Ian Hickson is saying that there isn't one browser fully implementing Dom level 2 or for that matter HTML 4.x (which is impossible because to fully implement the spec as it is currently written would contradict aspects of the same spec. other areas are not fully defined, and for that matter How a browser is expect to handle errors is not even remotely defined.

Dom level 2 is even worse in that regards.

BTW the link for the interview that come from in full context is

So from that interview it will 2022 before we start to get full parity between the browsers. as the SPECS have to be fixed first.

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