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Legal "Two Middle Americans have sued Acer over its low-cost Aspire notebooks, claiming that the Taiwanese PC giant pre-installed Windows Vista on machines ill-equipped to run Microsoft's latest OS. With a lawsuit filed Wednesday in San Francisco, California, two residents of Fostoria, Ohio seek damages and relief from the world's third-largest computer maker after purchasing a sub-$600 Aspire notebook that included Windows Vista Premium and a gigabyte of shared system and graphics memory."
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Jon Dough
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It really might make you wonder: did they explicitly buy a machine they knew wasn't fit for purpose just so they could sue? It's hard to believe anyone could be as idiotic as these people were. Then again, never say someone couldn't be that stupid, as you'll always be wrong if you do and someone will be that stupid.

The average computer user isn't as technically savvy as the average OSNews reader. To the average user, it's a tool they use to perform a specific task -- surf the internet, read email, write a letter, download music from iTunes, etc. The average user expects it to work just fine out of the box. And I believe that is a reasonable expectation.

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