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Amiga & AROS Despite the recent emergence of several new ways to actually run AmigaOS 4.0, the supply of machines is still extremely small, and not very future proof. As such, one of the most recurring questions within the Amiga community is why don't they port the darn thing to x86?
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The Amiga was far ahead from the other computers 25 years ago. So, in order to be the leader again, Amiga needs the following:

1) full 64-bit
2) raytraced 3d graphics at 60 FPS
3) fully multicore - thousands of cores
4) programmed with a modern functional programming language - all processes to be garbage collected
5) an SSD storage system.
6) fully distributed - hooking the machine to the network allows the computer to share its computing power with all the other machines on it
7) a user interface which renders stuff on it as realistically as possible...meaning true WYSIWYG.
8) voice recognition.
9) an object-oriented database file system.

This has to be on of the most amusing post I saw in -years-.
While not an Amiga buff (I stopped @commodore 128) one can safely say that no existing OS can measure up to your requirements. Nothing comes even close.
Far worse, a large number of these requirements are more-or-less impossible using normal technology. (e.g. Ray-tracing @FPS has nothing to do with the OS - it's more or less an issue with CPU power; I'd hate to be one to design a scheduler that handles 8192 cores, etc)

In short, dreaming is nice, but I wouldn't bet my house on flying to Mars anytime soon...

- Gilboa

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