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In the News A week ago, we reported that IBM was in acquisition talks with Sun. Sun has been in trouble for a while now, and has been shopping around the Valley for a potential buyers for the company. This report came from "people familiar with the matter", but it seems that we now have a confirmation from none other than Intel's CEO, Paul Otellini.
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RE[6]: What about Java?
by lenrek on Mon 30th Mar 2009 04:29 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: What about Java?"
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11 march 2009, SUNs CEO blogs
"For those that continue to ask if we make money with Java, the answer is yes, it's on a ramp to hit about $250m this year - one of our best businesses - and that's just Java on consumer devices, excluding servers"

$250m USD is hardly "not making money out of Java", eh? Why do you state that SUN is not making money out of Java? Are you lying or are you ignorant? Or simply dumb?

$250 million? I'm assuming that's revenue, and 250 million out of about $13.8 billion in revenue (FY'08) is a little less than 2%. While not chump change, it's not a substantial portion of the bottom line.

Someone already answered that before me... :p

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