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Games I had prepared myself to experience the world's best game. Judging by other people's reviews, Grand Theft Auto 4 was crafted in a special gaming studio in heaven, authored by Jesus Christ himself, and it descended upon us from the heavens on a golden chariot made out of chocolate covered in fairy dust. Imagine my surprise when I experienced the world's biggest turd in gaming since Davilex' A2 Racer (Dutch people will understand).
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by lindkvis on Mon 30th Mar 2009 11:56 UTC
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The game has plenty of annoyances, but it is actually FUN. Which is the most important for a game.

Mass effect, which the author gives so much praise to, consisted of 50% procedural content that repeated itself over and over again. The same dungeon, the same space ship, the same base, over and over again with slightly different game text and dialog associated with it. I quite quickly found out that side quests were a complete waste of time in Mass Effect.

Then the dialogue. The acting was solid, but the dialogue content was uninspiring and incredibly tedious. Very little humour or interest was involved.

Anyone that claims that Mass effect has the best story ever made has clearly never played either Baldur's gate or Planescape Torment. So Holwerda goes into the same trap as he claims the GTA reviewers go into. Besides, just because there is a better story around, doesn't mean praise can't be given. This is not a 'winners take all'. Mass effect has a decent story, but you are really drinking the cool aid if you think it is the best ever.

I have absolutely no idea why Holwerda can find Mass Effect fun, while slating GTA IV, when at least GTA IV's side missions has some variety in them and does not reuse the same tiny maps over and over again, with randomised crates to try to fool us into thinking it is somehow different.

I can only think that he wants to slate GTA IV because it is 'the cool thing to do'. Ludicrous review.

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