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Games I had prepared myself to experience the world's best game. Judging by other people's reviews, Grand Theft Auto 4 was crafted in a special gaming studio in heaven, authored by Jesus Christ himself, and it descended upon us from the heavens on a golden chariot made out of chocolate covered in fairy dust. Imagine my surprise when I experienced the world's biggest turd in gaming since Davilex' A2 Racer (Dutch people will understand).
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RE[2]: Jeez...
by lindkvis on Mon 30th Mar 2009 15:11 UTC in reply to "RE: Jeez... "
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I never said anything in this review about Mass Effect as a whole - I only specifically referred to the story/dialogue element of that game. The rest of Mass Effect is pretty damn terrible.

Ah.. and so you attack the convenient parts of my post and ignore the part that actually addresses the story/dialogue part of Mass effect.

Your original argument is basically "GTA IV was given praise for story/dialogue, yet it isn't as good as Mass effect's story/dialog (which is the best ever), therefore it is terrible". This is a lousy line of argument.

Your whole review is pointless from a 'public education' point of view, and you even admit to it yourself. The only reason for this review is thus to make yourself appear superior by slating GTA IV. "I am so much better than everyone else, because I have seen through this product."

I fully respect your opinion, but I wasted a fair bit of time reading this drivel, and will try to remember this before reading another review of yours.

Of course, this post is also pointless from a public education point of view, since people will already have suffered through your review before reading this post.

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