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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y Any discussion about GNOME vs. KDE is sure to end in tears. It's basically impossible to discuss which of these two Free desktop environments is better than the other, mostly because they cater to different types of people, with different needs and expectatotions. As such, Bruce Byfield decided to look at the two platforms from a different perspective: if we consider their developmental processes, which of the two is most likely to be more successful in the coming years?
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RE[2]: I don't think so
by cycoj on Tue 31st Mar 2009 03:10 UTC in reply to "RE: I don't think so"
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"What finally makes a desktop success are it's applications and for them what is first needed is a good base which basically is what gnome is building.

Developer's 101: Those things you listed are independent libraries, are not written with any common Gnome toolkit or framework, they all look completely different to a developer and it's not clear at all what applications will use what or even what versions will be used by applications running on the same system. It's a mess, basically.

Well that's actually a good thing IMO. Why depend on the huge kdelibs components when you only need, e.g. sound functionality. Especially for a developer, why should I choose a framework which limits my application to essentially only one desktop (see my comments earlier).

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