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Intel On Friday, Intel engineers are detailing the inner workings of the company's first graphics chip in over a decade at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco - sending a signal to the game industry that the world's largest chipmaker intends to be a player. During a conference call that served as a preview to the GDC sessions, Tom Forsyth, a software and hardware architect at Intel working on the Larrabee graphics chip project, discussed the design of Larrabee, a chip aimed squarely at Nvidia and at AMD's ATI unit.
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Its true thanks to the awesome open source drivers intel has for its graphics card (even tho they used shared mem.) It performs great using beryl/compiz/fusion for a cool 3d desktop experience with little to no cofiguation besides the OUT OF THE BOX support.I remember a couple of years back when vista came out it required crazy specs 2ghz + cpu sumthing like 4gb of ram with a svga with 512mb of dedicated video ram to run aero. I had a 900mhz laptop with an intel 915gm leaching system ram that ran beryl flawlessly and i never once could see anything aero could do that compiz couldnt, but ive seen plenty of things compiz can do for effects that aero simply caint. Im not sure if this is A good example of what great drivers can do or how geat the 915 is or if simply linux can be given all the credit.

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