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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y Any discussion about GNOME vs. KDE is sure to end in tears. It's basically impossible to discuss which of these two Free desktop environments is better than the other, mostly because they cater to different types of people, with different needs and expectatotions. As such, Bruce Byfield decided to look at the two platforms from a different perspective: if we consider their developmental processes, which of the two is most likely to be more successful in the coming years?
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Requests from a user
by ephracis on Tue 31st Mar 2009 08:26 UTC
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Well, here's a list of things I would like to see in my future desktop computer running Linux and either Gnome or KDE:

* Faster, faster, faster. I want speed improvements. I want snappy, quick things that truly impresses me. I want it too be quick and snappy for a long time. Over several days. Even though I have 3 to 6 tabs open in Firefox at any given time or I run compiz with a desktop cube. My computer should not get slow just because I use it. Some days I think of the good old days when I would come before the pron jpeg would have finished loading. Isn't slugginess a thing of the past already? If we could maintain the speed of today it would be great on the computers of tomorrow. There must be a way to add functionality without compromising speed and responsiveness.

* Unity. I want it too look good from all angels. The minor requirement is that all icons are consistent. I would also like to see a good theme for both KDE and Gnome in a distro (try to make KDE apps look Gnomeish in Ubuntu for example (BY DEFAULT, I don't wanna do it post install)).

* Focus on the applications. I use apps, not a OS. I want a good backup system (with GUI, small agents on remote machines, etc). Focus on GIMP (I am a photographer, you can't blame me). A REAL video converter. I have tried Avidemux and a lot of other stuff that I found via Google. None of them did ever once convert a mkv file into a working mp4 video that played on my PS3. Not one time did it work. Same goes for Windows, except it's the other way around.

* Real translation. Everything should be translated. It looks unprofessional. I tip here is to look at translation on Launchpad. It is as easy as typing a word into a textline and submit. If translation is easy more people will do it. And we need more translation.

* Real testing. Come on.. KDE4, PulseAudio, ATI drivers, etc. In some cases there could have been more testing and better QA before release. In other cases users affected with a huge bug should have been warned prior to update (for example, if I choose to upgrade my Mandriva, I use ATI and it will totally break after the upgrade, it is not enough just to put some text on the release notes on the website. There should be a popup/notification! "Your system will render unusable and irritate you, your screen will look weird and it will be much slower. Continue?"

Everything I just said should be taken with a grain of salt. I am just one user and my opinion is my own and only my own. I myself have found many points inside this text that I could easily challenge. But I don't really care today (maybe some other day), my point now was just that. To tell what I want.

So please, don't highlight details, I will only respond to comments that recognises the big picture (of course, you may highlight flaws in there, just keep out of the details).

Best regards and everything,

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