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Fedora Core The Fedora team has announced the Fedora 11 beta release. It comes packed with new features, such as Ext4 as the default filesystem, Nouveau driver by default, kernel mode setting on Intel, ATI and Nvidia drivers, many virtualization improvements, IBus input method, GCC 4.4, and much more.
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RE[7]: Ext4 as default
by zlynx on Wed 1st Apr 2009 01:05 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Ext4 as default"
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I don't see the problem.

If you lose power, you lose data that hasn't been written to disk yet.

This is different how? It isn't different at all!

Ext4 may default to 60 seconds instead of 5 but that is tunable.

Windows has the same issue with NTFS when you go into the control panels and enable advanced performance. It also lets you set a checkbox for "yes I have battery backup, go more faster."

I've lost entire directories to NTFS with those settings enabled when plugging a USB device made the system freeze.

I guess what Linux users need is hmm, some way to choose what filesystem they want to run? That would be an amazing idea! Why has no one thought of it?

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