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Privacy, Security, Encryption Many have gotten antsy the past months about the Conficker worm, and all with good reason. Though the worm hasn't done much of anything (yet) except spread like the plague, it's infectious if one doesn't have his or her Windows operating system up-to-date with the most recent security updates. The worm is supposed to execute on April 1st, and the computer world is holding its breath to see if a disaster comparable to the hyped-up supposed Y2K doomsday will ensue or if it's just someone's idea of a sick April Fool's Day joke.
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RE[5]: Yet another reason....
by pixel8r on Wed 1st Apr 2009 04:01 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Yet another reason...."
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"Go ask the 98% of people who don't like Linux why, and you'll find all their reasons stem from dependencies.

I'm sure you're wrong, I have 3 reasons:
1: I can't open my documents (all in the latest MS Office format)
2: I can't use my favorite windows-only program and I don't want to look for a good (or better) alternative.
3: My hardware doesn't work out of the box

Not even 1 person said something about dependencies if I only count people I talked to in real life.

This is true. However...

1. You would first need the latest MS office in order to save documents in that format (you claimed they were YOUR documents). since MS Office 2007 doesn't run on linux, this problem is moot. Earlier versions of office (up to 2003) will run perfectly under wine. Works for me. If you must open MS Office 2007 documents, the best solution is still ms office on windows. There are converters for OpenOffice but I've yet to see one that works 100%.

2. fair enough - however I have this trouble when trying to run linux-only programs on windows. its a real pain.

3. I'm finding this hard to believe. What you may have meant is that your hardware does not have ALL of its features supported 100% on linux. This isn't a problem for most pc users. As long as they have a desktop and can surf the net and use email they're fine - and linux does this superbly.

I am a home user and I've used linux for 7+ years now. Yes sometimes it is a pain in the neck, but I switched because I thought the same of windows. I'm not suggesting linux is perfect, but I do believe it is technically better than all other mainstream OS's. For myself, I prefer using it for the customizability and freedom it gives me. I hardly use any office software - mostly I do software development(qt) and use the internet, email and watch tv. incidently my tv card doesn't work on windows, no matter how hard i try.

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