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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y Any discussion about GNOME vs. KDE is sure to end in tears. It's basically impossible to discuss which of these two Free desktop environments is better than the other, mostly because they cater to different types of people, with different needs and expectatotions. As such, Bruce Byfield decided to look at the two platforms from a different perspective: if we consider their developmental processes, which of the two is most likely to be more successful in the coming years?
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Get real - Qt is cross-platform, GTK isn't. Write a slightly non-trivial app, the Qt one will work even on a windows mobile or symbian device, the GTK one needs lots of work to run on win or mac.

Since KDE has been availabe with Qt 4, almost all KDE apps are available on win & Mac thanks to the efforts (parttime!) of 2-3 people for each of the platforms. So, can I run Gedit on Windows? Epiphany? GnomeDo? The desktop or panels? All the games, educational apps? Nope, they haven't been ported. The Gnome dev environment isn't cross-platform, period.

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