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Hardware, Embedded Systems "ThinkPads are well known for the quality of their keyboards. This has long been a strength of the ThinkPad brand, but when we say how good ThinkPad keyboards are we almost always implicitly mean 'relative to the keyboards on other laptops'. That might not be the case for everyone though, because the ThinkPad Full-Size UltraNav USB Keyboard is currently available for sale and it is a testament to how attached people have become to these keyboards."
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Beautiful piece of hardware
by Hozz on Wed 1st Apr 2009 10:40 UTC
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I've owned one of these for ~6 months now, and while the whole Fn/Ctrl thing did take some getting used to, the overall feel & layout more than makes up for it.

One thing I missed for a while was the (gasp) Windows keys. Even though I run Linux 99% of the time, I'd really gotten used to the concept of the "super" key as a shortcut modifier. I've been wondering if I can map the Fn key to this function (it's not of much use anyway), but the OS doesn't seem to register it.

Also, I've had to modify my typing style a bit to compensate for the fact that hovering your thumb over the space bar also means you'll eventually click the mouse and either move focus or, even worse, move the typing cursor to somewhere in the middle of the text you're working on - and keep typing, making for a complete mess. Not much of a nuisance, but worth mentioning.

Still, it's a wonderful keyboard, and the clit does get a lot of nerdy nods and smiles ;)

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