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SGI and IRIX Silicon Graphics Inc., the perma-struggling workstation-turned-server-maker, filed for bankruptcy protection today, and was immediately bought by Rackable Systems. Rackable has signed to take on all of SGI's liabilities. The deal is expected to complete in 60 days. The combined company will target the hyper-competitive market for x86 boxes for cluster and high performance computing, internet and cloud services. "This combination gives us the potential for significant operational synergies, a strong balance sheet, and positions the combined company for long-term growth and profitability," said Rackable CEO Mark Barrenechea.
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SGI also had some 500+ million in debt that the buying company had to take on. also it would make no sence to Apple, not even a little bit. It barely makes sense here. how sad though how the mighty have fallen, SGI and soon posibly Sun, it just makes me sad really... ;)

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