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KDE We're really in a KDE/GNOME mood today, it would seem. The KDE team has released the second maintenance release for the KDE 4.2 series, KDE 4.2.2. The three biggest improvements in this release are stability fixes in KRunner, performance enhancements in KMail, and bugfixes, performance improvements and optimization in KHTML. As always, this release will find it way to your distributor of choice soon enough, but if you're impatient, you can always build it yourself.
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RE[2]: Won't even try...
by kensai on Thu 2nd Apr 2009 22:13 UTC in reply to "RE: Won't even try..."
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In fact, we at Arch Linux had kde 4.2.2 in the official repositories for a few days now. Developers get the tarballs for the release before release time.

I can't understand what are all the people crazy about, KDE4 is a complete rewrite of KDE, and sure it had to be alpha (4.0) and beta (4.1) quality because people have to use it and report bugs. Now KDE is at what I would like to call release candidate state (4.2), this release is the best so far and the one that made me switch from GNOME, and I have been a GNOME user for more than 5 years. I know it still has some annoyances, but they are too little now for me to say KDE4 is a disaster. Seeing how all is been going, 4.3 in fact will be the final KDE4 talking about stability. Still KDE4 will still be on development, so from this point on everything will become more stable and polished.

Some of the people who say KDE released alpha or beta quality are suing windows, what does it take for windows to get to a final state? sp1 sp2 sp3? Windows XP was not half as good as it became with sp2, and Vista isn't even good and it is close to be replaced by Windows 7.

Sometimes developer have to make progress happen, even if that means breaking some things. Come to think of it, no one forced you to switch from kde3 there are lots of distributions that still use kde3 and kde 3.5.10 came out after kde4 was released, so that tells you, if you don't want to test kde4 stay with kde3.

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