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SGI and IRIX Silicon Graphics Inc., the perma-struggling workstation-turned-server-maker, filed for bankruptcy protection today, and was immediately bought by Rackable Systems. Rackable has signed to take on all of SGI's liabilities. The deal is expected to complete in 60 days. The combined company will target the hyper-competitive market for x86 boxes for cluster and high performance computing, internet and cloud services. "This combination gives us the potential for significant operational synergies, a strong balance sheet, and positions the combined company for long-term growth and profitability," said Rackable CEO Mark Barrenechea.
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Don't feel sory for them.
by gehersh on Fri 3rd Apr 2009 00:57 UTC
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Several years back I was working for Tier 1 ISP provider. Doing some performance measurements across the cloud. Once in a lab I came across a couple of dozen of SGI stations, sitting on the shelf, doing nothing. Been told when company was looking for Unix stations to put on the cloud to measure traffic, somehow SGI convinced them to purchase their machines, on the basis of performance. What was the problem - software support. SGI implemention of Unix was sub par. Many standard interfaces didn't work properly. Many proprietory interfaces, poorly documented. Ended up getting Sparkstations.

I already had some programs I wrote and runing on Solaris. Out of curiosity I got one SGI station and tried to port the code on it. No luck. Many timer interfaces didn't even compile. Looked at documentation, realized SGI did lots of proprietory stuff. Gave up on the whole thing, decided not to waste my time.

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