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In the News The GNU Source Installer is "a graphical tool which provides configuration, compilation, installation, tracking and removal of source packages." The authors have written about their project on Newsforge.
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Sourcenix - my theoretical system
by aaronb on Wed 13th Jul 2005 14:44 UTC
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Hi there,

very quick thoughts and my made up system

A new system sould setup a
/ect/PKG/source_applications -- For apps installed for source
/ect/PKG/binary_applications -- For apps installed not from source
/ect/PKG/scanned_applications -- Apps and libs that do no conform

Note a data base is not kept in any of these folders instead it contains information on the apps that have been installed. Instead each app will place a conf file that states, what files have been installed, what it requires to run, the name of the app.

I could launch my Source install GUI and it will ask me if I would like to remove or add in app. All I need to do is select the app that i have downloaded in source form like KDE.src.bz2 and it will un bz2 it and run the config script. If there are dependencys that are needed it will offer the following...

After scanning the system this app requires the following packeges to compile and run correctly whould you like to..
1. About this operation
2. Find the packeges and install them with the appyou have selected (Recommented)
3. Ignore allpossible errors and try to installit anyway (Not recommented)

And if it could not find the deps it will say...

Unfortunatly, not all the deps could be found. The following options are avalible.
1. Abort this operation
2. Abort this operation and send to report of the deps that were not found
so we can investigate this to reduce this form happending again (Recommented)
3. Ignore all possible errors and try to install it anyway (Not recommented)

Once KDE is installed it will place a config file name in this case KDE_3.4.1_installed in /ect/PKG/source_applications.

If I then wanted to remove KDE i would go to the Source install GUI and pick remove. It would scan the three folders to see if the would cause a problem and give you three options if there is a problem...

Removing KDE will cause the following apps to stop working. Would you like to
1. Abort this operation
2. Remove KDE and all other apps dependent on it (Recommented)
3. Remove it and ignore the possible melt down. (Not recommented)

For developers who hate to work together the Source install GUI will scan the system and place entries in /ect/PKG/scanned_applications. This would not be 100% accurate but better than nothing.

We could go the OSNEWS forums and make our system and write a tool to do this, create a website and spread the word.

Binary install would place an entry in /ect/PKG/binary_applications to make them selves known
or be scanned by the tool and placed in /ect/PKG/scanned_applications

Just my 0.01

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