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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu According to Canonical head honcho Mark Shuttleworth, Windows 7 presents the ideal opportunity for Linux to gain significant inroads into the desktop market. He said so in an interview with InternetNews. While I certainly do hope so, an eerie sense of deja vu creeps up on me: isn't this like the 923298th opportunity where Linux is supposed to make inroads into the desktop market?
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Linux will
by hraq on Fri 3rd Apr 2009 05:13 UTC
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be always useful for some people or companies.
But when it comes to desktop things are different.
Desktop users need applications with high quality, which lacks alot in linux. Linux do have alternatives for everything; if you cannot run photoshop then use gimp, if you cannot run Indesign then use ___ if you cannot run quickbooks use ____ if you cannot run 3dsmax then use linux alternative _____; if and if and if.
Most people and businesses don't like that.
Linux users cannot get the quality of software and software support and features of applications like they can get when they use windows or mac. Of course there are alternative to this too (use wine or vmware) but you know the disadvantages of these to solutions.

Linux hardware drivers and hardware applications are poorly written and shallow. Can I get a software that will program my mouse 8 buttons or that will give me advanced interface for my webcam or will support a TV tuner card with recording feature while I am away(preprogrammed) ..No
Can I get my laptop standby successfully with any linux ..No ( now a guy will ask me to just enter code to allow sound to allow the system to standby) this is not practical for alot of users.

Oh, can I get my intuos tablet to work with pressure brushes or the eraser..No
Windows and macs are popular because they are highly supported by manufacturers of decent products

Linux will never improve unless it will make huge inroads into the high quality applications and drivers (Professional level) untill then its just a development platform or geeky toys in the desktop sector.
Server wise the story is different; Linux rocks.

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