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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu According to Canonical head honcho Mark Shuttleworth, Windows 7 presents the ideal opportunity for Linux to gain significant inroads into the desktop market. He said so in an interview with InternetNews. While I certainly do hope so, an eerie sense of deja vu creeps up on me: isn't this like the 923298th opportunity where Linux is supposed to make inroads into the desktop market?
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Why should a consumer run Linux?
by Fergy on Fri 3rd Apr 2009 08:34 UTC
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I think the problem lies within the community itself, but where, how, and what - I really have no idea.

I think that there are not enough reasons to run Linux over windows.
Windows on a netbook gives you easy access to a lot of games, codecs, mediaplayers and familiar programs. Windows uses your videocard better to play video so it feels smoother. Firefox on Windows runs faster than on Linux.
Linux gives you easier security, program installation, updating and OS installation. Linux needs less diskspace and memory. Linux gives you more choices in how you run your computer. But it looks and feels old to normal users. It isn't as flashy and smooth as Windows or Mac.
So I would only recommend linux over windows for a normal user if he is willing to learn and wants to have a system that just keeps going and going but will never feel or handle like a Ferrari.

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