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Windows It had been announced a while ago already, but today Microsoft finally took the wraps off its latest server offering: Windows Server 2008 Foundation. Foundation is a cut-down version of the Server 2008 family, but Microsoft uncharacteristically did not remove all that much. It won't be sold as a stand-alone product; rather, OEMs get to sell it pre-installed.
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"Everyone knows that the Server versions of Windows perform better as Workstations for serious users. I give this "OEM only" mini Server 2008 about 48 hours after its initial release to hit the pirate channels where highly optimized custom variants will soon appear. All the power of Server 2008 without a lot of bloat. Thanks Microshaft!"

That's because their server versions ARE based on workstations. Server 2003 shares it's code base with XP, which is why there are tons of useless, client based applications on Server 2003 which need constant patching, necessitating restarts almost weekly ;)

At least 2008 can be installed headless, which is how a server should be.

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