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.NET (dotGNU too) "Microsoft launched ASP.NET MVC 1.0 at the MIX09 event last month. This new ASP.NET enhancement brings a Rails-like model-view-controller framework to Microsoft's Web development stack. In a blog entry published on Wednesday, Microsoft developer division vice president Scott Guthrie announced that the framework is now open source. The source code is available under the terms of the Microsoft Public License (MS-PL), a permissive open source software license that has been approved by OSI and is characterized by GNU as a free software license. Microsoft's move to open the framework will enable third-party developers to modify the source code, incorporate it into their own software, and share it with other users."
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RE: Cool Project
by jayson.knight on Fri 3rd Apr 2009 19:22 UTC in reply to "Cool Project"
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I find the end product a bit clunky at the end of the day (compared to things like rails or django), but this is one of the things that gives me hope about Microsoft, and their complete inward focus.

A bit clunky yes, but so much more intuitive than the page cycle based model which to this day (after 6 years or so of using it) still gives me fits. I always have a cheat sheet up in my cube outlining all of the page cycle events.

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