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In the News After weeks of negotiations, IBM reportedly is eyeing a $9.55-per-share buyout for Sun Microsystems, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal. Such a price would value the deal at roughly $7 billion and offer Sun investors nearly double the price of the stock before reports surfaced earlier this month that the parties are in buyout talks. A report in The New York Times, meanwhile, notes the parties are discussing a purchase price of $9.50 a share. In either case, Sun's investors haven't seen the hardware maker's stock trade at those levels since August. Last spring, Sun was trading at a 52-week high of $16.37 a share.
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What about Red Hat?

Large companies that previously used UNIX are willing to fork over the big bucks for Red Hat Network and 24x7 support. Red Hat is consistently the #1 rated IT company out there for value, especially because the cost for Linux is still less than proprietary UNIX.

In addition, and very smartly, Red Hat allows the proliferation of CentOS (and Fedora) because it knows that emerging players - many of whom may have standardised on a Red Hat 'compatible' platform - will upgrade to a paid version when their systems become mission critical.


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