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Windows Microsoft's "You find it, you keep it" campaign, which directly attacks Apple, has seen another instalment. The first one, with Lauren criticising Apple for its pricing policy and lack of choice, was met with mixed reviews, and I'm sure the second one will not be received any differently. Giampaolo disses Apple for a lack of power and being all about aesthetics.
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Sad MSoft commercials
by Anacardo on Sun 5th Apr 2009 12:47 UTC
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"this computer does everything that I need". That's definitely the phrase that stroke me the most.
I custom built my first WindowsXP notebook in 2004, and now, after 5 years, it's still working reasonably well under my very own fingers right now. Last December I bought a new 18.4" VAIO from Sony. One hell of a machine with some very strong specs that cost quite a hefty amount of money. It came with Vista preinstalled. To my absolute dismay I came to realize that I not only couldn't do the same things I did on my old XP notebook in terms of heavy duty work (I work on pretty heavy files) despite having almost as double the processing power, the amount of Ram and Hd space, but I also realized the machine was barely usable to say the least. Most of the features or the "things this computer will allow me to do" as to speak as the Msoft ad, were absolute gimmicks, I would almost say false advertising. That machine is a 18" brick that struggles even on editing text, let alone video or do 3d stuff. I had a very hard time, I almost got to the point of returning the machine, almost got depressed when I realized I couldn't. I finally installed WindowsXP after a long while (conflicting drivers, wrong medias, you name it) and guess what? Now the machines screams, as it should. In the end this advertising drives me nuts. Angry to say the least. It does for a few reasons:
1) It keeps on going on the same "we have the features" road that Microsoft has been following for the last 5 years. No matter if the features are half implemented, or if they are a pain to use. The important is to have them well written onto the box.
2) It keeps on identifying PCs with Microsoft. Pcs are personal computers. The choice of hardware and power has definitely no link with microsoft. It is true that when you go out and buy a Pc, 95% of the time comes with a Microsoft OS, but identifying the twos is misleading (and sure, the Apple ads do not help as well into this, maybe they should be the first to be blamed for this)
3) And yet this difference has been blurred during the years. My out-of-the-box experience with the latest Vista equipped Pcs has been terrible to say the least. Pcs are tools, they are supposed to work and DO things. If they don't, then they're flawed. Should I blame Microsoft or should I blame the manufacturers? Well I would blame the manufacturers at least for bundling such a crappy software with their machines. And yet, since Microsoft is calling guys like SONY something like "licensed manufacturers" and then you see ads like these... I guess some (if not most) of the blame should go to them as well.
In the end, if I have to be harsh I would call this ads deceptive advertisement, if I have to be mild, I would say they're just lame, a pathetic attempt to sport a happy face when the sales are still going only because people have no real choice when they buy a notebook PC.

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